Saturday February 17th 2018

Autofficina Wine Tasting

It's time for the quarterly Italian Cars and Italian Wines event in collaboration with the wonderful people at Autofficina Racing Technologies in Ewell.

Starting at 14:30 with Our in house Sommelier, Wines from Sicily, Piemonte, Veneto and Sardinia.

Beautiful Italian Cars

With decades of experience in the most sought after of vehicles, Autofficina have a team on hand to discuss, purchase, maintenance, storage, tuning or touring with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa.

If you don't drive one of the Italian masterpieces but just want to browse, there are many cars on display in the showroom, from 1950's GP cars, the F40LM being refurbished in the workshop, the bodyshop where the magic of painting, hand decorating and seamless body repairs take place. The parts department where you can discuss that new exhaust or minor interior change.

Come along and take a never know.

Quality Italian Wines

We pride ourselves on finding Wines not on general availability in Britain, wines from smaller independent Producers who have spent a lifetime making wines that respect the environment and give a lasting pleasure to the consumer.


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