Food and Drink Pairing

Fast (or not so fast) Italian

It doesn't have to be a traditional meal for a bottle of wine to be opened. Italians drink wine at Lunch and at the evening meal regardless of whether it is pasta at home, a Pizza with friends or a Michelin starred restaurant. There are some very simple rules to follow to choose the wine to match your food, so don't panic and remember, Italians are one of the healthiest nations on the planet, so they must be doing something right.

How Do I Choose.........?

Rule #1. The majority of sensations perceived in food require the exact opposite sensation in the wine. This is called the "Principle of Opposition"

Rule #2. In certain cases e.g. sweetness and structure the pairing is based on the "Principle of Concordance" instead, because these characteristics have to combine exactly with the same sensations perceived in the food.

Basically, if the dish is unctouous and dense a wine with freshness and reasonable mineralogy will balance and enhance as it will cleanse the palate allowing you to savour the food better whilst still having the cleanliness of the wines freshness.

A rich winter casserole of braised Ox cheek will need a dry, tannic, full bodied fruity red to compliment the food without the one overpowering the other.

However, with a rich dessert, you need a dessert wine to compliment and enhance.

If all else fails....

Go with tradition, every region has it's local specialities..... Yorkshire has Sunday roasts with yorkshire pudding, yes a bottle of a full bodied red wine would be perfect, but so would a hoppy local ale.

For the same reasons, each Region of Italy, France, Spain etc. has their local dishes and they all have a local wine.

Move past your "favourites" and the wines who's names you know and try something local...

In Hungary try the Tokaij, in Spain a Tempranillo or a Xerello from Catalunya, in Campania Greco di Tufo and Taurasi reign supreme, or if in Tuscany..... try a Morellino, you'll find that if you are eating local dishes the local wines will enhance the experience.