Sicily March 2017

Due to the International Wine Tourism Conference being held in Catania we decided on a swift trip to Sicily to catch up with our friends at Santa Anastasia and to meet a few new producers that seemed interesting.

Whilst on the Island I was asked to be the UK Ambassador for Sicilian ecotourism, a huge honour and the opportunity to tell more and more people about the Island I love.

Tuscany May 2017

Ever on the search for new wines to bring to our members we travelled to Tuscany in June to try the 2012 Vintages and look into what to pair with which wines. Luckily we were invited to visit the Vineyard that the Obamas get their wines from and spent a wonderful afternoon with the Oenologist. Some of the wines we tasted are now on the list and others will soon follow.

Real Wine Fair London 2017

The best Natural and organic wine fair in London, Wine producers from all over the World will be enticing public and trade alike to get involved with natural, organic and biodynamic wines. Held in Tobacco Dock it is a great opportunity to discover what is happening around the World

Campagnia Summer 2017

Finally this Summer there is the opportunity to travel down to Campagnia, courtesy of Massimo and Talita of the Alois vineyard we will get to taste the full range of their wines, visit an artisan Buffalo mozzarella maker and eat REAL PIZZA :)

Also a trip to the Scuotto vineyard is obligatory as his prize winning Oi Ni will soon be joining our lists along with their Greco di Tufo and Taurasi.

New Vineyards Coming Onboard

As of Spring 2018 we will also be adding two wonderful champagne Houses to our suppliers. "Mandois and Bourmoult" just in time for MM76, FOS, LM24 and the Classics, some of you have already tasted their product.

We have started dealing with "Terre di Shemir" for their exceptional wines available at the top restaurants in Sicily.

In addition to great wines, we have been approached by several EVO oil producers with a view to purchasing from them.

What our members think....

We love to hear how you are finding our wines, we often receive Facebook photos and Tweets from our members telling us how much they have enjoyed this or that bottle.

The list is in constant evolution and we are happy to put together a mixed case should you so wish.