Pier Paolo Antolini.

Marano di Valpolicella

About an hour drive from Verona in the Valpolicella is the Antolini cantina, run by Pier Paolo and his family, embracing old techniques with respect for the land and the seasons.

The Wines

Highly considered by wine professionals across Europe with a distinctive style the Antolini wines, whether red or White, medium, full bodied or the delicious dessert wines are produced with passion and respect.

If you meet the family you will see that the wines are an extension of their personalities.

Visits and Tastings

If you wish to visit the cantina, Pierpaolo is always happy to tell you about his wines and walk you through the processes. the local restaurants all stock his wines and they match perfectly with the local dishes.

Giancarlo &Rosita Cagliero


This wonderful couple inherited the Il Ciabot vineyard on the outskirts of Barolo back in 1964, it was Rosita's dowery from her grandmother Marcellina.

Rosita's family have owned the Vineyard for nine generations and you can feel the history every time you visit, the warmth with which they welcome their guests is fantastic, as are the wines they produce, amongst the best Harvests year after year if Rosita does't think the harvest was to her standards, the grapes are sold to other producers to blend and they wait another year, for this all their wines are in the Superior category and the house walls are covered in certificates.

Why Cagliero

They produce wine from their love of the land, as this is the only vineyard in the Region that is linear they produce not only great reds but also white and rose wines, due to the particular exposure....Hard to come by as the production is small but I have been buying from them for over 10 years and have yet to open a bottle I didn't love.


Should you wish to visit the Vineyard they have rooms I the house with en suite and a tasting of their wines included in the tariff.



Rino "Quello Alto" as he is known to his friends due to his 6'5" stature has a personality to match and so do his wines. Big and robust full of flavour and character.

His Fantasie 4.20 wine is a blend of local grapes produced and blended to be drunk with friends and family in a convivial atmosphere.

Sovversivi del Gusto

A founding member of the Sovversivi movement, Rino remains strictly loyal to the belief that food and drink are to be enjoyed, using the best the land has to offer and treated with respect and joy.

The group come from all over Italy and have played a huge part in fundraising for the families affected by the earthquakes in Central Italy last year.

Visiting Barbaresco

The town is located on top of a hill near Alba in Piemonte, the Cantina Varaldo is next door to the Enoteca del Barbaresco with vines planted down into the valley.

Paolo Riccobono

Abbazia Santa Anastasia, Castelbuono.PA

Situated in the Madonie Hills behind Cefalu in Sicily, the Vineyard is attached to a 12th century Monastery converted into a 5* hotel.

Paolo Riccobono has been the Enologist charged with bringing the wine produced from the 65 hectares of vines to International standard, and he has succeeded. Producing some of the best Organic and Biodynamic wines in Italy, Santa anastasia has achieved recognition from wine professionals the World over, winning gold awards in international tastings.

A Comprehensive Range

Producing 6 ranges of wines through different blends and methods including a new sparkling white from grapes grown at 1000m above sea level, there are 18 wines in total, to please every taste and to match every type of food.

The Hotel

The hotel has 27 rooms and 5 suites all designed with every comfort in mind, there is an outdoor pool, a Spa, fishing and horse riding, they also boast an exceptional restaurant with all their vegetables grown on site.

 The location is perfect for the medieval town of Cefalu and it's beaches. and also a hour from Palermo or 90 minutes from Catania.

Obviously guests at the hotel are welcome to visit the Cantina for tastings or a tour.

Meana, Castiglia, Muttos


Sardinian wines are relatively unknown on the International market, and for many years were not even considered on mainland Italy. However, over the past ten years there has been a huge improvement in quality to the point that they are often the chosen wines at Italian gala dinners here in London.

Red or White?

The main Sardinian white grape is Vermentino, just like it's cousin from Liguria, Vermentino di Gallura is a dry, medium bodied, fresh mineral wine, ideal for fish, light cheeses and white meat and poultry.

Cannonau (or Grenache) is a medium to full bodied red, to eat with red meat, grilled dishes and strong cheeses.

Why visit Sardinia?

Miles and miles of white beaches and crystalline water, amazing food and unspoilt countryside.... coupled with wonderful traditions of hospitality and folk law.