A Journey in Wine and Food

The Basic Rules of Italian Enogastronomy

1. There is no such dish as Spaghetti Bolognese.

2. Cream does not go in Carbonara.

3. Bruschetta is pronounced Bruskettah.

4. No self respecting Italian drinks cappuccino after 11:00 am.

5. Pasta and chicken should never been seen on the same plate.

6. You do not put cheese on a pasta dish containing fish.

7. Pineapple on Pizza is a NO!!!

8. it is ok to mop your sauce with bread, that is why it is on the table.

9. EVO oil is the only oil that should go on a salad.

10. Take your time, food is to be savoured not rushed.

Wine or beer, the great debate

Which to drink, when and where:

With the rise of Craft beer on an international level, it is becoming moire acceptable to drink beer in even Michelin starred restaurants. 

Todays Craft beers are produced with the same passion and respect for the ingredients as many of the great wines, scrupulous cleanliness, prime wheat, hops and barley and dedicated blenders who are held in the highest regard by the breweries.

I will always enjoy a beer with pizza, but any other Italian dish will always be paired with the best wine.

Spice it up

How do I deal with international flavours?

A dear friend and sommelier swears that there is not a dish in then World that cannot be paired with Sake, with over 100,000 different sake available in Japan it is not difficult to believe him.

I have experimented making Lasagne and Risotto with Sake and the result was pretty good.

However a pint of lager with a Curry is always the main fallback, but a South Australian Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc are generally a pretty good option.

I still remember the days that the wine of preference with Curry was a Portuguese Rose and this would be a mainstay for a drier dish such as a tandoori, but with the more succulent wetter Indian dishes I would choose a fresh white such as a Traminer or an Alberino.